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Vietnam Articles

The Nation :
The Pentagon Book Club

A My Lai a Month

The Vietnam Exposé That Wasn't

In These Times:
Casualities Continue in Vietnam: The Devastation of Unexploded Ordinance from the 'American War'

War Crimes Hunter: On the Trail of Atrocity in Vietnam

Tom Dispatch:
"We killed her… that will be with me the rest of my life": Lawrence Wilkerson's Lessons of War and Truth

Two Men, Two Legs, and Too Much Suffering: America's Forgotten Vietnamese Victims

LA Times:
The War Crimes Files

Civilian Killings Went Unpunished

Verified Civilian Slayings

A Tortured Past

Lasting Pain, Minimal Punishment

The Village Voice:
Swift Boat Swill: From the National Archives; New proof of Vietnam War atrocities

The Doctrine of Atrocity: U.S. against "them"—a tradition of institutionalized brutality